How is the cup used?

How does it work?

While traditional massage involves kneading or compression, the Cellulite Treatment Cup achieves a reverse massage, by hand squeezing and releasing the cup against the skin creating a vacuum which pulls, lifts and stretches the connective fibrous tissues in the subcutaneous dermis. This encourages the circulation of healthy nutrient-rich blood to release and flush away toxins through lymphatic system drainage, breaking up and smoothing lumpiness. This convenient, manual tool incorporates principles of traditional Chinese cupping and Endermologie.


Do I have to use oil with the cup?

We recommend the use of body oil rather than moisturiser or lotion, as the consistency of an oil acts as a better lubricating agent to slide the cup with ease. We advise against using any products that contain mineral oil as this can deteriorate the silicone.


How often should I use the cup?

The more often you use the cup, the better your results will be and the quicker you will see them. We recommend using the cup every day for a few minutes per area. Start with a mild to moderate suction intensity, increasing the degree of suction as your skin becomes accustomed to the massage.


Are there other uses for the cup?

Although this cup is designed to treat cellulite, we have had reports from some creative customers of success using the cups for swollen ankles (cankles),  cesarean section scar reduction, loosening tight muscles, back pain, other musculoskeletal conditions.


Can the suction cause bruising?

 Do not apply the cup with excessively strong suction, or leave stationary as this may result in bruising or discolouration. More aggressive treatment does not return better results. Do not use the cup on areas you have, or are predisposed to spider or varicose veins. If you experience pain while using the cup, the suction may be too intense. Redness in the area being treated is normal and generally not of concern.


What areas can I use the cup on?

We suggest using the cup on the buttocks, thighs, and stomach. It can be used on arms if you can achieve and maintain suction.


What are the cups made from? 

The cup is made from 100% pure medical-grade, skin-friendly silicone. We suggest washing your cup after each use and storing it in the tin box your cup came in to preserve the silicone quality. The cups have passed RoHs, CE, FDA and SGS compliance standards.


What are the dimensions of the cup?

The size of the cup is about 60mm height, 60mm diameter. This is the ideal size to hold in the hand for manual massage. Anything smaller or bigger is too hard to handle and maneuver whilst maintaining suction.