Before and after using a Cellulite Treatment Cup for 3 weeks on the left side only:

When should I start to see results?

Some users and studies report visible results from the first few uses, while others see results after some weeks of treatment.  Variables that contribute to how quickly results are seen include; how the cup is being used, your diet, exercise, and skin condition. Above all, consistency is key to your results.

Is it clinically proven to work?

Cellulite Cupping Results

The efficacy of cupping for cellulite has been trialled and recorded by medical professionals:

Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite in women: A pilot study Available from:

“This quasi-experimental study employing a quantitative four-point grading scale indicated that dry moving cupping therapy applied 10 times for 5 weeks on each leg was efficient and safe for decreasing grade of cellulite.”

“Patients’ mean grade of cellulite on thigh was 2.4 (SD:0.81) for pre-test and 1.68 (SD:0.57) for post-test. The decrease of grade of cellulite between pre- and post-test was statistically significant (t=10.14, p=0.00).”